A New Prime Minister For Somalia

Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has been appointed prime minister of Somalia. Photo from Press TV Somali-American Is Named Prime Minister of Somalia — New York Times MOGADISHU, Somalia — The Somali president on Thursday named a Somali-American to succeed the prime minister whose resignation last month brought the weak transitional government to a standstill. “After long consultations and prayers,” President Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed said at a news conference in Mogadishu, “we have succeeded in nominating the right and proper person.” “I hope,” President Sharif said, “that he will succeed in the difficult task ahead.” Read more …. More News On Somalia ‘s New PM Somali president appoints new PM — Al Jazeera Somali president nominates Mohamed Abdulahi as PM — Reuters Somalian President Appoints Mohamed Abdullahi as Prime Minister — Bloomberg Businessweek Somali-American named Somalia’s prime minister — CNN My Comment: This has got to be one of the most thankless, dangerous, and frustrating jobs in the world.

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A New Prime Minister For Somalia

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